Kiwi Lime Pie

I started a new project where I am cooking/baking through the show Friends, and I'm pretty excited about it! Perhaps I will try to turn it into a cookbook one day... It will be fun making Monica's Christmas candy, or Ross' fajitas, ooh...or Rachel's trifle.... that will be interesting to make, and eat. So here is the kiwi lime pie, that Ross ate and then had to go to the hospital because he's allergic to kiwis. You may see recipes that have kiwis on top - but alas - Ross ate the pie not knowing there were kiwis in it. This means that the kiwi had to be processed and mixed in so he wouldn't know he was eating kiwi just by looking at the pie. Added bonus: no need to make any changes for h

Cinnamon Bread Pudding

There are some desserts out there that are worth the buy at a restaurant: A beautifully caramelized Tart Tatin, crunchy profiteroles filled with custard, definitely macarons (it is quite a process). There is, however, one dessert that I always emphasize to people not to buy at a restaurant. Do not order bread pudding from a restaurant! I'm not trying to take away business from the pastry chef at your local cafe, but just don't order bread pudding. At the end of the day in a busy restaurant they clean up the front house, lock the doors, and while they are prepping for the next day they see the massive pile of bread that they didn't use/sell that day. What do they do with it? Throw it awa

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