I have wanted to be an artist since kindergarten.  On career day, I drew a picture of myself as an artist (or what I think is supposed to be me), and I still have that paper to this day. I attended California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, CA.  


I spent most of my career working on wedding cakes because I love the artistry of it.  I treated cakes like canvases and loved that I was making edible pieces of art. 


Not to mention, the reveal of the cake/art to the client.  


The BEST part. 


    After making cakes for many years, I started getting  back into art and I just cannot stop. 

I won't. 

It is something that I have to do everyday.

Sick? Well I can still make something.  Blizzard? Awesome.  An excuse to make art.  Tornado?  Well, it's not here YET.   

So, are you going to be apart of my art?